Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fashion: Favorite Spring/Summer Trends 2016!

I really like posting about the fashion trends that come out every year because it gives me the chance to explore and inspire my taste along the way. 
Some of the things seem to be in every year. Bright colors are always very popular for the warmer months. I guess we're all bored of wearing blacks the whole winter and just want to brighten it up a little. 
The following are just some of my favorites that I noticed and would love to incorporate into my wardrobe. I love adding a little bit of something new to my staples. 

So here are some of the spring/summer trends I really like and hope to wear in the next few months: 

1. Patches and Pins
This seems to be in every store and every fashion magazine. It doesn't matter if it's a t-shirt, a bomber jacket or (a lot of) denim. There are so many clothing items these days that have patches on them.

2. Mom (Boyfriend) Jeans
I have yet to find a pair that I like on me. However, I really like the style. Also, they are a lot more comfortable than your standard skinny jean. 
Show Mountains Denim
3. Bomber Jackets
The bomber is back! Another tricky trend to follow, but I believe there are some options to go for out there. 
Topshop Two-in-one Reversible Sateen Bomber Jacket
4. Raincoats
I don't necessarily like every one I see, but there are a few pieces I really loved and would like to wear, maybe even when it's not raining? :)

5. Adidas
It seems to be everywhere, and I like it. The sporty brands in general are making a comeback. I really enjoy wearing sneakers in the warmer months, so I really don't mind. I would also reccomend Superga (alongside the classics like Adidas and Nike) for sneakers, I really love the look of them and they aren't too sporty.

adidas Floral Graphic Tee
Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Grey Vapor

6. Prints
This goes alongside some other already mentioned trends, however, I have been seeing more printed clothing items than ever. This includes prints like fruit, animals, summer things etc.

7. ''Childish''
This is the best way I could think of describing this trend. Everyone who knows me can tell you I am a child at heart, so it's no wonder I absolutely love it! It kind of goes alongside the already mentioned patch trend, but it goes beyond that as well. 

Image 1 of Lazy Oaf Button Front Shirt Dress In Denim With Patches
Lazy Oaf Button Front Shirt Dress In Denim With Patches
 8. Dungarees and playsuits
This 90s style is definitely back in fashion! I also like the playsuits that have been popular the last couple of years!

9. Showing some skin
The ''cold shoulder'' seems to be a thing this year, but there are also cutouts on other places that are very much fashionable and trendy!

10. Suede
It was very on trend in the colder months and it seems to be continuing into the summer! I like it as a bit of a twist to the classic leather jacket.
FRAME DENIM Le Cropped Suede Jacket
Millie Mackintosh Western Suede Jacket

Mango Suede Jacket

Mango Flap-pocket Suede Jacket

There are some more trends I like, but wouldn't really wear as much.. Let me know what your favorite trends for the next season are!
Everything is linked under the pictures and should be available to buy online if you like it.

Thank you so much for reading!



  1. I love this kind of post, it becomes handy what to shop next. I've been shopping suede, dresses with prints and I'm looking for that perfect pair of Adidas sneakers. I'm glad to see this post.

  2. Looking at this, the 90s are soooo back!


  3. Love the gap patchwork jeans and the sheered parka. <3
    I agree with Mercy, it definitely gives us ideas about whats 'next'
    please post more, we would love to see more from you.

    hope youre having a good day,
    love always, Ena Cui

  4. I see patches all the time on Insta ☺
    Nati xx

  5. great picks!
    kisses from the sandpits of dubai ❤️