Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ASOS Order Review

Recently I placed an order on ASOS. 
I never ordered from there before, but I hear a lot of people talking about it, so I wanted to try it out. My order just arrived and after looking at all of it I wanted to share my thoughts about it. 
So here are the things I ordered and some thoughts on them: 

This is probably my favorite item I got! It was only available in a Large, and usually being a size Medium I was afraid it would be too big on me. But the shape makes it ok if it's a size bigger (I don't think it would look very different a size smaller). The dress is made of a very soft material, quite thick and generally well made. I absolutely love it and will be wearing it a lot :)

 2. The Leather Satchel Company Mini Satchel
I usually like to get my bags and shoes made from 100% leather, and when I saw this pretty bag on sale for a good price I jumped to the opportunity. The bag is really well made! I love it! Thick leather and very sturdy. I would recommend this bag to anyone thinking about buying it.

I wasn't very happy with this dress. There are threads hanging out of it and the material feels low quality. On the other side, the dress is quite pretty.

I got this shirt for my boyfriend. Absolutely love it! The quality feels really nice and he is also very happy with it :) In the picture it looks quite pale and washed out, but it's not as washed out in real life (which I also like).

5. Paperchase Russian Doll Highlighter
Good highlighters, they get the job done and are really cute to look at.

 6. Pieces Leather Purse
I got this purse because it was supposed to be smaller in size. It really is quite small, which makes it a good going out wallet. It should fit all of my smaller bags. It doesn't have a lot of space, so I probably wouldn't recommend it for day-to-day use.

The case is cute. Unfortunately it came broken. It bothers me that the plastic doesn't go higher than the screen, but that's something you can't really see from the pictures on the site. All in all, it's ok. 

That's all I have to say about that :)
All in all, I am quite happy with what I got! A few things really stand out as very good purchases!

I hope this post helped some of you who were thinking about purchasing some of these items.
Let me know what you think! 


Friday, February 19, 2016

1920s inspired look! Hair, Fashion, Make up

Yesterday I was invited to a themed birthday party. 
The theme: 1920s!
I found this to be the perfect opportunity to get creative!
I am going to share my look with you.. 
I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as enjoyed creating it!

The first thing I did (of course) was getting all of my pearls and similar jewelry out :)

After that I searched the internet and found the nail art that was (apparently) very in trend at that time.. and recreated it! I used tape that and my Revlon nail polish in the color 620 BEWITCHING.

After that, it was time to do my hair!
This took me quite a while. This is what I did: I did a side part and then divided my hair into four sections (I have quite a bit of hair). I then proceeded to curl small bits of hair starting from the middle and rolling my iron as I went. That way I concentrated more on the upper parts of my hair.

I used hairspray every time I curled a bit of hair.

After I finished curling my entire hair, I brushed it out with a tangle taser (a comb should work as well).

 I then added lots of pins to the hair around my face in order to create the finger wave look.

After that, it was time for make up. I inspired myself with an actress from the 1920s - Louise Brooks and also make up ads from that era.

*Make up I used at the end of the post*

In the end it turned out a little bit like this..

And here is the finished look! The dress is from MANGO and the shoes are from a little store here in Croatia!

I really hope you enjoyed the post!
Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!


Make up: Face - REVLON Colorstay, Milani Baked Blush, H&M Bronzing Powder, Catrice All Mat Plus Face Powder; Eyes: Maybelline Colour Tattoo, NAKED 2 Palette, Bourjouis Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara; Lips: MAC lipliner in Kiss me Quick, MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How I got my Hair from Brown to Blonde Without Dye

This is a thing a lot of people asked me when my hair started to gradually change. For me it was a great thing because I would never have had the courage to just go to a hair dresser and tell them to dye my hair blonde.

Here are the before and after photos (I apologize about the not-so-great quality, but these are the pictures I have)




And now let me tell you how I did it:I started doing this around the end of summer and went on with it through the winter. Trust me, it works! I have pictures to prove it! 
I did this by using hair lighteners, the one I started off with was the Sun In brand:

So what I did at first was spray it on my hair whenever I was at the beach. After it wasn't time to go to the beach anymore I would use it once a week, spray my whole hair with it once I got out of the shower (so: wet hair) and dry my hair with a blow drier.
Keep in mind that these products are to some extent damaging to your hair, so what I did in order to keep my hair healthy is (in addition to the usual conditioner) the use of hair oils, hair masks and other similar products. 

This change, as I said, was gradual and it happen through the course of maybe 10 months to a year. My hair did get an orange tint to it at some point (as you can see from the pictures), but I kind of really liked that as well. 
After my hair got the desired color I stopped spraying it with the lightener completely.   
My roots seem to have gotten a bit lighter for some reason so the difference wasn't really that obvious, but after a while I started spraying them. Just the roots.
Since the Sun In spray wasn't available where I live, I found some alternatives - which may be a little more expensive but I personally didn't notice any difference,  they all worked really good - except for the one from the DM line, which smelled really bad and I just couldn't stand it or use it for that matter. The ones I liked are the John Frieda sheer Blonde lightening spray and the Schwarzkopf got2b lightening spray:

The one I only used once because the smell bothered me (other than that it works just as well - my sister continued using that one) is the Balea More Blond lightening spray

The CASTING Sunkiss Jelly by Loreal was the last one I used and I used only on my roots. The tube lasted me for about four uses (I have a lot of hair, bare that in mind) and really got the job done: 

My experience with using hair lighteners is really positive and I would suggest it to anyone who would like to change their hair color to blonde and wants to do it gradually. I love having blonde hair, but I don't think I would have been brave enough to do it right away. It is also a relatively inexpensive way to go blonde(r). 
However, do bare in mind that you have to take care of your hair while doing this because it does have chemicals that damage your hair to some extent. 

I hope this post helped you! Let me know if you had any experience with hair lightening!

Thank you for reading!

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