Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My favorite beauty trends for Autumn/Winter 2012/13

The new trends in the beauty world have been showing up in every new magazine and/or website related to fashion and beauty. It took only a few mouse clicks to trace them. As well as fashion trends, there are so  many beauty trends out there this season. As autumn is knocking on our door with it's colorful leaves and chilly mornings, we begin to search for a change as well.

With so many options this fall, it seems to be hard to go wrong. Fashion has really made it easy for us this year. There is so much to choose from: the classic red lip and the less classic deep plum and wine color, the 'oh so trendy' black smoky eye is coming with a twist this year, as green, blue and red bring something new to the table, eyeliner seems to be the highlight of the season: not only black, but also blue, turquoise, green, yellow and purple. Looking like you just escaped a hurricane isn't going to be a problem anymore, as beauty stylists say - that's what we want the girls to look like this season. Brows exaggerated to the maximum with Chanel culminating the trend on the runway. You are more of a classic-elegant person? There's a lot for you as well. The 'faux bob' being a new and very interesting alternative to your everyday hair. Also, braid away! Braids seem be another 'it' this season. And, just like the stylists: get as creative as you can. I personally really liked the icy accents on the eyes, giving them that special pop. Gold and brown are colors incorporated in make up looks as well as fashion. But my favorite of all is the nude look and the natural hair.

As I don't want to bore anyone who reads this, I'm just going to write a little about the trends I personally found most noteworthy and interesting. Starting off with my favorite:

Bare Face Beauty aka Nude 


With this trend, good skin is key. Invest in a good cleanser and be careful about what you eat so you can wear as little make up as possible. My trick is also having a good foundation that will cover up any imperfections, but still look as natural as possible.

The Colorful Eye

This trend has really given us freedom this year. One has so much to choose from, ranging anywhere from colorful mascara and eyeliner, to colorful smoky eyes and color blocking.

 *Jason Wu*                                   *Roberto Cavalli*

*Stella McCartney*                                   *Anna Sui*

Eyeliner With a Twist 

The classic black eyeliner is now shaped into so many variations and even given the freedom of color.

*Erdem*                                             *Lanvin*

*Michael Van der Ham*                            *Anna Sui*

The Dark& The Red Lip

In my opinion, trend number one is the red lip. Such a trend for every season, it's been going around for years and will unlikely become out of fashion. However, every year the stylists seem to give it a darker twist, especially around this time of the year. 

 *Etro*                                               *Gucci*

 *Bottega Veneta*                            *House of Holland*

Pink Cheeks

This is possibly one of the most simple trends this season. So simple to do, but it makes such a difference. Just apply some pink blush and you are good to go! A faster, but a bit more painful method is to pinch your cheeks. Ouch! I prefer blush. :)

 *Michael Kors*

The Fake Bob

Last but not least, I really really like the fake bob trend, as it does not require cutting the hair. It's just a hairdo that speaks for itself.

These were my favorite beauty trends for autumn 2012. Hope you liked them. 
Have a good rest of the day! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Minute Secret: How to stop your hair from getting greasier....

I am one of those people who have normal to oily hair. This means my hair is oily on the roots and dry on the ends. I have read in a lot of places that people who have hair like me and people who have oily hair have the problem of their hair constantly getting greasier. What to do?

1. DO NOT! and I repeat: Do not wash your hair every day!
It will strip your hair of natural oils, causing your scalp to produce even more oil than necessary. Try using          dry shampoo instead. If you don't own a dry shampoo: no problem! Just use some baby powder, come /fluff it out and you are ready to go! Don't own that either? Use some translucent face powder. :)

If you are one of those people (I know I am) who constantly has to run their hand through their hair, touch their hair etc. Stop! Find another way to keep busy. Constantly running your hand through your hair transfers all of the dirt and oil to your hair.

3. Don't wash your hair for a week!
Now I know this might, no, it does sound disgusting. But trust me, it works! If you have a week in which you don't have as much people to see, or a week in which you can just keep your hair up in a ponytail - do it! Your hair is going to be super greasy after that week,however, the results are going to be visible after the first wash! :)
I only do it every 4-5 months, even longer, so I wouldn't worry about having to do this to often. What happens to your hair is: it starts cleaning itself, that way you won't have to wash it as often.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed it!