Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Random Inspiration

The days I am feeling a bit down, I like to look at random pictures for inspiration. Since we are planning on going skiing in a few days, these mostly consisted of winter themed pictures to get me excited for some fun in the snow ;)

This slope is ready for me. A close look at a perfectly groomed trail at Deer Valley Utah. #photography

When in doubt, add pillows. | 17 Ways To Make Your Bed The Coziest Place On Earth:

#EuropeanSkiing is something everyone should experience at least once!:

Mountain Home - Great Room including dining.Timber Home Living - Building Plans:

Image Via: Honestly Yum:

Another favourite of mine! Simple sparklers! Remember, Remember the fifth of November.:

Couple in Snowshoe, West Virginia:

This is what a winter scene should be like. I wanna live here at Christmas.:

#yummyart. Tea in British Isles | Photo by Anna Williams:

“beneath the dusting of soft snow there is a summer waiting to be born, a season of sun-kissed shoulders and rodeo queens, of campfires, and rivers, and barn swallows dancing at twilight...” ― Kate Mullane Robertson:

Bobble hat & red cup! ❣:

Winter Evening:

true story: i used to watch fireworks every night after supper.  i wish that were my true story....:

On The Street…. The Blondes of London, London:

Nothing like a good book, a hot cup of tea and a cozy lap blanket on a cold winter's day. | Pavel Gramatikov:

Luhta ski fashion. Great brand I have a one piece from them that is on exhibit at the Vermont ski and snowboard museum. Pair this jacket with our Catwalk helmet hugger #ski #luhta #fashion #skithedifference.:

5 Under-the-Radar Canadian Ski Resorts That Aren’t Whistler:

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These pictures were taken mostly from Pinterest, where I take most of my inspiration from. I have an account, so if you liked this be sure to check it out!

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Travel: Inside Tips for Travelling to Italy

With this post I intend to help whoever wants to travel to Italy and needs some insider tips. This will help you save some money and really live the cities of Italy like a true Italian would.
Being half Italian and having my own experience travelling, I will speak from my own experience and hope to help anyone travelling to Italy.

I recently traveled to Padova, Milano and Vicenza and found that few people were enjoying the city to its fullest potential. Of course, there is no wrong or right way to experience Italy, it is always going to be great! :) This is the way I usually get around with my family and friends. I will try to help you be true to the saying when in Rome.. There are different attractions you should visit in any city. Depending on where you go, there will be different things to see. Don't forget to keep your eyes wide open and enjoy everything you see! Also always be aware and careful, because where there are tourists there will always be thiefs. Look out for them too! Try to walk as much as you can, and use public transport. This will also give you an authentic experience. Other than that. here are some of my most insider tips for your trip to Italy:

1. Food: Try to find the hidden gems!
This works especially for bigger cities like Rome or Milan. The biggest tourist attractions will usually have a lot of restaurants around them. These are usually quite expensive and will not give what you are looking for. If you are looking for a place run by little Italian families, who don't cook food for big masses and always have fresh food you will have to be willing to go take a look around. Look for places with signs like ''OSTERIA'' or ''TRATTORIA''. Also, when you look at the menus, try to find ones that don't have a huge variety of food. If it's a pizzeria, a few really good pizzas are better than a vast amount of mediocre ones, if it's a place that serves typical food - again, less is more - this means the ingredients are fresh and often homemade (like pasta), and they make it that day. Try to make sure that the place has more Italians than tourists and don't be put off by the fact that it's not the most modern or fancy environment. These places are guaranteed to be on a budget and give you a completely different experience!

This is the place we went to in Padova, they had really good traditional food at a reasonable price, notice that it's not on a big street. 

2. Shopping: Look for deals!
This goes for any city, but I just wanted to mention this based on my previous experience in Milan. A city that is known for expensive shops and famous brands can offer something else as well. Again, try to choose a different street from the typical ones. This doesn't mean you won't find quality items, on the contrary. Last week I found some really good things for a great price. Things like 100 % wool and well made items. A store had a one day sale for designer clothing that was new on the market. I absolutely jumped to the opportunity and was able to find great things! There are also good second hand stores offering a lot: from original 20s Ray-bans to well preserved designer clothes.

3. Drinks: Order something new!
Don't just stick to the things you know. There are so many alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks that are typical to Italy. You might not like all of them, but it's worth a try. Here are some of the ones that are very popular and I also really like! The Italians call an alcoholic drink after or before a meal an ''aperitivo''.. you can call it whatever you like, but the fact is - it tastes really good! Again, try to find a typical bar to serve it to you.
*Aperol Spritz
*Chinotto and Sanpellegrino (nonalcoholic)

Aperol Spritz is very popular nowadays, you usually get snacks with any drink you order. 

4. Don't forget to order a coffee!
As you probably already know, Italia is all about the coffee. They make it a habit to drink it. It's usually drunk very quickly, in a bar or after a meal at a restaurant. More often than not: without any sugar.. because if the coffee is good, you don't need any sugar. I personally still like to add a bit of sugar to my coffee, but it's a matter of personal preference. If you would like to take some of that spirit home, you can buy one of their coffee makers (Bialetti is really good!) and some coffee (I like Lavazza and Illy) and take them home. That way you can make yourself some Italian coffee every morning!

If you would like to take some of that spirit home, you can buy one of their coffee makers and make it at home.. 
5. Staying: Plan ahead!
There are always expensive hotels to stay in. If you like that, you can always stay there. But if you want something a bit different, try to do a bit of research online and find a place rented out by families or smaller bed and breakfasts that are cheaper and will definitely offer you something else. Try to plan a few months ahead because places like this usually don't have many rooms available.

6. Attractions: Do your research!
Depending on how you travel and where you are going, you might find some things you would just love to see on the way. If there are other cities on the way, make sure to make a stop there! For example, if you are travelling to Rome by car and are coming from Europe, depending on where you are coming form, there could be cities like Venezia, Firenze or Genova on the way. Make a stop there and experience it! Also, I am sure you will want to experience the main attractions (for those, try to find a less crowded time), but also try to do some research about some of the ongoing exhibitions or other attractions - which might not even be attractions you have to pay or stand in line for - like a beautiful building by a more or less famous architect, or a beautiful garden or park. Mold your trip to what you like and enjoy!

Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, by Palladio
7. Souvenirs: Don't go into the typical souvenir shop!
Now I am talking about those souvenir shops selling expensive magnets to tourists. You can do so much better! Why don't you try to find a nice magnet at a museum store: you aren't going to save a lot of money here, but at least they aren't those low quality made in china objects. Also, if you want to buy some typical food to bring back home, try a market! If it's where Italians get their food, trust me, it's good! There are also local stores selling freshly made food items, but depending on the city they are going to be easier or harder to find. If you are in Genova and are looking for some fresh focaccia, ask a citizen where you can find the best one!

8. Language: Learn some Italian before you go!
You will notice that Italians don't really like speaking English. They prefer to stick to what they know. Why don't you buy a book and learn something new, or even take a short course to be able to communicate and really understand the country you are visiting?

9. Shopping: Check the hours!
Italians have very specific working hours. Check what they are if you see a store with something you like and want to come back to it! More often than not, a store will close in the afternoon for the owner and employees to go home and have lunch. Don't let that hinder you from getting what you want: check the hours and plan accordingly!

Translation: And you, would you work on Sunday? Remember: it's a day of rest for us as well  

10. Enjoy!
Roam the streets, soak in the environment, enjoy the food and the people! This is my final tip! Forget your worries, stop rushing it and really enjoy what you are experiencing!

If you disagree with anything I said or want to add something, be sure to comment below and let me know! I would like to know how others experience Italy!
Thank you for reading and be sure to come back for more tips for travelling and living!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to get into the Christmas mood

Christmas is right around the corner. Actually, it's closer than that! In this post I wanted to quickly share something I have learned with the world!

I definitely prefer the countdown to Christmas, because I feel as once it's really here the cheer is over. Sometimes I felt like it's already here and I haven't really gotten into that spirit. Now I know it's not all about presents and decorations, but I think it is possible to appreciate it whilst still having the real meaning of Christmas in mind. Also, I know everyone has different traditions and I would love it if you would let me know what your are! That being said, here are some of my tips that will help you get into that Christmas mood! :)

1. Start decorating at the beginning of December
This might be the things that helps me most. Even if you are someone who likes to decorate the tree on Christmas eve, you can still do some little (or big) changes to your house. I like to take out my decorative pillows and blankets, put up some fairy lights and hang a wreath on my door. Even though we mostly decorate the ''main'' tree on Christmas eve, I still like to decorate a smaller one in my room. Decorating doesn't mean you have to go over budget, there are often some good deals you can find. You can also do some diy!
This is a picture I used as an inspiration.

2. Listen to some festive tunes
Unfortunately, there is no Christmas radio where I live, but as we get closer to it, there are more and more Christmas songs on each day. You can always create your own playlist or download one! That is what I like to do.  I like to listen to the classics, but I also like some of the newer ones.
These are some of my favorites:
* Last Christmas by Wham
* Mistletoe by Justin Bieber
* It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas by Bing Crosby
* Christmas by Michael Buble
* Let it snow by Dean Martin

3. Visit your city's Christmas fair/market
Zagreb has been declared the best Christmas city, so I am lucky to live here. Almost every city has some kind of market around this time of year. Go and take a look, enjoy it! :)
Zagreb around Christmas time

4. Go (window) shopping
This is the time of the year when most people like to go out and buy gifts for everyone. I really enjoy giving gifts, so I like to get the shopping done a week before Christmas (also because it gets CRAZY). However, if you don't feel like shopping, you can always window shop. I also prefer actually going out and buying presents to online shopping because it's all decorated! 

5. Scents and tastes
I love to fill my house with candles and scent difusers that smell like cinnamon and different spices. This is a way to make your home feel even more festive! Baking also helps :) I try to try out as many different festive recipes as possible. This means I get to enjoy the taste of the season, but also: the whole house smells like cakes. Don't forget to also make some mulled wine!

6. Family
 Now I know this is a cliche.. but it's nice to connect with your family any time. I think it's very nice to curl up next to a fireplace or with some good film in the cozy company of your loved ones.

7. Watch some films
This is pretty self-explanatory. But it does really help to get into the spirit. Get cozy with your loved ones, light a fire, make yourself a mulled wine and watch some of the classics.
Here are some of my faves:
*The Grinch
*Home alone
* The Holiday
*The Santa Clause

Home Alone

8. Get an advent calendar
Advent calendars can sometimes be very expensive. The trick is to wait a few days into December for them to go on sale. This way you can get really nice ones for half the price. And who doesn't love waking up to chocolate every day?? :D If you prefer something else like candies or even make up: you can also buy one of those. And it is also a cute diy project to make for yourself or someone else!
This is my advent calendar for this year!

9. Sing
I already mentioned songs. But here I am referring more to carols. It is nice to go to church around this time of year because you get into the special spirit that way too. But even if you are not religious, you can always just go out and sing some carols! :)

10. Travel
This is my last but not least advice. It is what really gets me into the Christmas spirit. Seeing how other cities decorate their squares and stores is a real treat. Again, this doesn't mean you have to go out and spend lots of money. There are good deals that take you to different cities for a day or two. I personally like to go to Germany and Austria!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I will be posting more from now on so stay tuned! :)
Berlin Christmas market

Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to stay inspired?

Inspiration is the key to success in today's world. It doesn't matter whether you are talking about inspiring yourself to study, create, work out, eat better, think positive etc. If you want to get ahead in life, you have to have a goal, an inspiration, call it however you want. 
Bare in mind that I am not an expert, but in the following weeks I plan to give you an insight into what keeps me motivated and helps me get ahead when I am stuck in a rut, having a bad day or am simply bored. 

I am sure this has happened to everyone, you are lying in your bed, with your laptop on your lap, watching youtube videos about how to be healthy, how to be successful, how to be happy....
Well, nothing is really going to change unless you do something about it, so these are some of my personal experiences that I would like to share with the world. Also, I will be posting some additional links and inspirational people who might help in the process. 

In this first post I have decided to give a general overview about the things you can do every day in order to keep going towards the goals that you want to achieve, in the next ones I will be speaking of more specific things. Stay tuned for that as well. So here are my first few tips to stay inspired:

1. DO!
This is the first and probably most important thing. And nobody but you can make it happen! While there are some tips and tricks that can keep you going, you and only YOU have to take that first step to get where you want to be. This is much harder than it sounds, I know, believe me. But once you take it, every next step is going to be so much easier. It applies to pretty much everything. You want to start working out? Do it! Don't you even start looking for excuses! You don't have the equipment, you don't need it - use your bodies weight! You have to go to the gym to work out but don't have the time? Do an at home work out! There is an answer to every excuse, and you know it, you just have to choose to protest!
The same thing applies to everything else, studying, working, eating healthy, organizing....

2. Set realistic goals and take baby steps!
...and when you can't reach those, keep trying. If not, you are setting yourself up for failure before you even begin. Now I think it is really, really, really important to have goals. They make you work hard for what you want, but we should have boundaries and be very aware of what we are trying to achieve when setting them. It's hard not to be self critical and while that will take you far, remember to really think it through before you start criticizing. 
So don't expect things to happen over night. Work for them! But take one step at a time. 

3. Plan ahead!
This is something I find very helpful. If you have 1000000.. of things going on in your head, it is very soon going to turn into a huuuuge mess. So, first thing to do is to buy or make a planer (I personally prefer those weekly planners, but it is completely your choice) and start writing down what you have to and want to do. Another good thing to do is set reminders on your phone, so you can stay organized and know what's coming. This way every change you are making is going to be incorporated into your routine. There are so many helpful apps that can help you with this as well.

4. Have fun!
Your goals are the final destination you want to reach. But not being happy and enjoying the journey that will get you there is terrible. Try to enjoy the process. Choose what you love to be the path. If your goal is to get a degree, suck up the knowledge that is being offered to you every step of the way. Be a sponge! Don't just go through college thinking about the final result. Find what you like in every step of the way and research, inform yourself, put yourself out there. 

5. Mutual inspiration
Grab your friend, colleague, boyfriend, parent, sister... Whoever has the same aspirations as you do. Feed off of their positive energy and thoughts. But stay away from negativity and criticism. Don't let those into your life. If you want to stay on the right way towards your achievements, don't allow anyone to tell you what you can and can't do! 
Finding someone to keep you company is going to also help you enjoy the process.

6.Find your muse
This is very different for everyone, but try to find your own muse. Maybe the word muse doesn't really perfectly describe what I'm trying to say, but I think you get the picture. This can be anyone, it can be the person you chose to go through the inspiration process with, it can be a famous person, a person you know who inspires you, social media (I personally really like Pinterest), a fictional character and it can also be religion. Find what inspires you most. But don't bluntly follow others. Always keep your own personality and brain involved in the process! 

7. Think!
But don't overthink! Think about what you are doing and how your current actions are benefiting the present and future you. Instead of playing a computer game, call some friends and play a board game. Instead of drinking a can of soda, pour yourself a glass of water. The choices you consciously make are the ones that are important. 
But don't get wrapped up in your thoughts, because this can bring you to negative thinking and that you do not want in your life!

8. Relax
Allow yourself non productive moments. Go out, play a game, listen to some music or (my personal favorite) take a nap. While these things will not directly bring you closer to your goal, they will help your process. Sometimes you just need to chill so you don't get all stressed out and give up. So don't forget to make place for those moments in your day as well (as hard as that might sound).

So these are some basic tips for staying inspired that I have acquired in my life. In the following weeks I will be giving some specific tips about how to inspire your body and mind. 

That's all for now, 
stay inspired!