Saturday, January 30, 2016

Random inspiration

Hey there! Here is another random inspiration post.

Breakfast in bed.:

illustrated journal/calendar:

Geordi La Corgi: The Corgmobile.:



But first... coffee. <3:


Packaging / Housewarming Gift / Make & Give:

room to create.:

"I'm not funny. What I am is brave." -Lucille Ball.:

Love these boots:

wasilly shair -Marcel Breuer - 1926 -   Bauhaus.    Inspired by the frame of a bicycle and influenced by the constructivist theories of the De Stjil movement, Breuer reduced the form of the classic club chair to its elemental lines and planes.:

Panda by VerĂ³nica De Fazio, via Behance:


watercolor by Anne Watkins A fave artist of mine! We have some of her watercolors of our wedding pics! <3:

Vintage car photograph - Kodachrome - Mint green photograph:


Everything you need to know about marble countertops:

Andy Warhol - Elephant, 1983 - endangered species series.:

Best Friends/ Nothing like growing up and having a Best Friend to share life with. Young or old a Best Friend is a gift. #Friendship:

I got these pictures mostly from Pinterest, so check it out if you want to see more.. There's a link to it on the sidebar.
I hope you enjoyed it and the pictures inspired you!
Thank you so much for reading watching! ;)


Friday, January 22, 2016

How to Study: Tips to Get You Started on Studying!

This week I decided to write a post about studying. I am currently doing my first year of Masters and have quite a bit of studying and  exams behind me. These ''methods'' are what I use and find to be very efficient for getting good grades but also the most important thing for me: learning. I hate studying before an exam and forgetting everything the day after. Now I know this is not always possible because it takes up a lot of time (something we don't always have as students) and effort. I am sure everyone has their own technique and some of these things aren't going to be useful for some, but I hope it helps at least some of you who read it. I am also writing this as sort of an inspiration for myself: my exams start next week. Also, bare in mind: I have collected all of these techniques during the years and some of them are modifications of other peoples tips. So here they are:

First of all: 
Yes, I know, this is really basic. My tip on how to stop: just stop! Stop finding excuses, things you would rather do, things you would never do but are doing because you have to study.... Just sit down and start doing something that will get you closer to your goal! :)

..and then, it will probably be good to do this before you start studying
Again, beware of procrastination: not every centimeter has to be shiny and perfect, but, you can organize your room, desk, notes and the basics you will want nice and clean in order to not be distracted by your surroundings. Sometimes (when I have a really big amount of things to do) I can just shut off the surroundings and study, but usually at least my desk has to be organized. 

Writing these posts is what usually inspires me. I also like looking at other peoples ''inspire me to study'' pics on Pinterest. 

25 Cool Notepads Your Desk (Really) Needs | StyleCaster:

I personally enjoy studying at home. I have my own room, nobody bothers me and it's quiet. I can organize everything (including time) the way I want it to be and don't have to adjust to any schedule. I know a lot of people like to study in libraries, which is something I used to but don't do anymore: meeting too many people I know, having to go out to get something to eat or go to the bathroom is just to much distraction for me. Find what works best for you!

Andrew Dickson White Library, in Uris Library, Cornell University (Ithaca, New York):

This helps me a lot. Try to plan a week or two ahead. Look at the exams you have to take and when to study. Also, don't forget to plan your breaks and the amount of studying you want to do that day. The best time intervals for me are: 
45min/1hour studying
15/20min break
... I repeat this for about two to three times and then take a longer break (about 1 hour)..
and then back to the same scheme. 

Outline Your Study Time... #miricbiotech #miricbiotechltd:

Once you have established all of the pre-studying stuff it's time to really hit the books!
I have divided my studying into phases, which I think might help you.

This is something between your actual studying and the work you have to do before you start. I am sure you know this. Your information is basically everything you will have to learn from in order to pass the exam. You will have to find all the books you need, catch up on the classes you have missed by getting the notes from one of your fellow students and you will have to download the stuff you need from the internet (presentations, documents etc.). 

I would say the ''real'' studying starts with this phase. It's the moment you start reading everything you have gathered over the past few weeks/months. Be sure to underline what you think is important and TAKE NOTES on the side. I find taking notes extremely important and helpful. 

Even though reading is already a big part of it, the next step is studying all of the notes you have. This includes your notes you took while you were going to your courses and the notes you took while you were going through the books. 

Once you are done studying and think you have learned everything, it's time to go over everything once again. 

This is a great thing to do once you have learned most of it. Meeting up with some friends in order to go through everything once again will make studying more fun and will also give you a chance to learn something you don't have in your notes or might accidentally have skipped. 

This is something I have noticed when I study for many hours. I take a 15 minute break and play games: usually time passes so quickly when I do that and I am right back to studying (making it very tedious). What I like to do is just listen to relaxing music or take a quick power nap in order to rest my eyes and be ready to move on. It's also quite nice to go for a jog or do a quick workout!

Studying isn't everyone's idea of fun, but it helps if you find something interesting in what you are studying. This also means you have to 
on the things you are reading. Think about all the new things you are learning (instead of where you'd rather be :P).

sunnyscully: april 29, 6:41 pm // more color coding for anatomy! these diagrams are amazing, but they definitely take forever to finish.:

I'm not sure if this is what you call it in English, but I'm going to try and explain it. Let's say you have to learn a name or word and it seems impossible to memorize it. Let's say it's in another language or something.. Try to associate it to something familiar. I plan to write another post explaining this in more detail.  
I think this picture gives you an idea of how mnemotechincs work. 

This is something you shouldn't skip. Getting enough rest and eating healthy really helps to focus. Especially the night before an exam, I make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep. It really does the difference!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helped at least some of you :)
Let me know what your study methods are! 


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Inspiration: Looking Forward to 2016!

Welcome to the New Year! 2016. has been here for a good amount of days. While I like making New Years resolutions, I have decided to write a bit of a different post to get you, but also myself excited for the new year!
There are so many things about to happen, it can be scary to think about all of them sometimes. However, I like to focus on the good and really think about how fun and exciting this year is about to become. Many people said 2015 was the best year of their lives: I am really glad it was. 
For me, I don't know. There were many good things, but also bad things that happened. I personally did not have a lot of drama in the previous year, but there were some really mean and terrible things happening in the world. They left me shocked and in fear. Before I get into the more 'fun' side of things I wanted to mention how much I hope that the terrible things that happened before won't happen ever again. 
My biggest wish is for people to be kind and think about others, and that is the thing I am looking forward to the most... 
On another note, there are many events about to happen to me personally and on a more global scale. I hope this post will excite you for this year too. 
The first thing I always get excited for is 


Zagreb in springtime (Instagram: claricealess)

Since I am a big sucker for the whole Christmas spirit, it sometimes makes me kind of sad and miserable when all of that is over. However, thinking about the weather getting a bit warmer and new 
trends starting to appear always makes me happy. Different scents, different colors, the leaves 
turn green and everything starts to be more alive.
The next thing I would like to mention are the

2016 OSCARS (and Oscar nominations)

This is something I look forward to every year! I love waiting for the nominations and watching all the movies that are nominated in order to be able to agree or disagree with the Oscar awards. It's also something that's fun to watch with a group of friends. The only problem I usually encounter is the problem with the timezone.. I can't really fully experience it because it's usually all night long. That doesn't stop me from watching at least parts of it :)


Since I have relatives in Florida, I usually plan one trip every year to visit. It's usually two weeks of relaxing, shopping and fun in the sun. I love going in the winter, that way I can get away from the bad weather at least for a little while.
I would like to go out of the country in the summer as well, maybe backpacking or something similar, but we'll see how that goes.
Also, I am probably going to do a few skiing trips this year. After not going for 6 entire years, I went last week and really enjoyed it. We had a lot of fun and met really nice people.. I plan to do at least two more plus one more thing I'm going to mention right away..


This speaks for itself. I love working with people and teaching them new things so this has been a long time coming. Since I used to ski professionally, this would seem as the logical step. I am so excited about this and am really looking forward to a new experience like this one!

Matrei is where I last went skiing (Instagram: claricealess)

I'm excited for seasons as you may tell. But I didn't want to miss the chance to mention summer as well. Of course, after that come autumn and winter which I also love, but I find it a bit to far away to think about that now.. So I'm going to stop at summer for now. The days get really long, it's nice and warm and it's beach time!


I met so many great people last year and hope to continue meeting them, going out and hanging out with them. Last year has really been fun, and I hope the fun continues even more this year. I want to have a bit less stress and a bit more fun!


I'm quite certain I will be doing even more reading than I did last year! Many new books and many more stories. This also goes for my studies. I enjoy reading the books that have to do with art history and archaeology (my masters).


...and being loved.


Oh the new trends are coming! This is one of the things I used to share on this blog quite a lot and I plan to take that up again. Look forward to some blogposts about spring and summer trends and..

 MAKE UP trends here as well. Brighter colors and fun looks! Can't wait! 


This is my final thing: last but not least! I hope to blog more and am really excited for it! I hope to produce interesting material to read and write.

There it is! I hope this helped at least some people and that you are excited for this year as much as I am!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everyone a happy new year! I want you to be happy and healthy, and beside that anything else you would like to be! :)