Monday, June 24, 2013

Days until summer - get ready to shine, inside and out! (Part 2)

Although the first day of summer has already arrived (YAY!), I still feel like I want to keep doing what I have been doing in order to get in shape (phisically and mentally) for this season.
This is why I am continuing with the second part of my 'Days Until Summer' preparation. In the first part I talked a little about my phisical shape and what I am trying to do in order to look my best. Now I would like to talk about some other things.

 In order to prepare my body for summer, I have also been using some beauty tools, and this is what I meant to talk about in this post.

1. Getting rid of cellulite and that stubborn fat!
In order to achieve this, I have been using the Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-Cellulite Treatment and the Tummy and Hips Treatment. I have to say it has been working! You can actually feel the tingling.

 2. Body scrub - get rid of those dead skin cells!

Before shaving, and about three times a week I use a body scrub. It helps get rid of all the dead skin cells and makes your legs really smooth. It also helps with getting rid of cellulite, as it stimulates blood flow.
I have been using the Fruttini Cherry Vanilla body scrub (and really liking it!). You can also make a scrub at home by using sugar and baby oil.

 3. Lotion!
I can't even begin to tell you how important it is to moisturize the whole body every day, especially now that you are going to the beach. I have been loving the Bath and Body Works body cream in sea island cotton, but you can use any cream.

4. Hands (and feet) up!
The last thing I wanted to talk about is hands and feet. I think it is very important to bring those in shape two. Moisturize your hands and scrub those feet. You don't have to buy special creams for your feet. Just use the one for your hands (I like Dove's Rich Nourishment cream). Do not put chipped heels into those new sandals. Also, put a nice color on your fingers/toes.  I know I love looking down at them and seeing a pop of pink/orange/blue/yellow... The color I am loving now is Essie Tart Deco.

5. Enjoy your summer!
I believe it is the season you have been waiting for, so, at the end of the day, forget about how you look and concentrate on how you feel! Have fun, relax, enjoy!
Also, the thing I would like everyone to know is how important it is to work on your personality and charackter. I think it is really important to be yourself, and that is another task I am trying to achieve.
Also, work on your mind, your brain, your logics.. They say in a healthy body is a healthy mind, and I believe it works both ways. That is why it is important to me to read as much as I can, to be in touch with the latest stories and to be in touch with my field of studies (Art History and Archaeology).

Thank you for reading!

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