Monday, June 17, 2013

Days until summer - get ready to shine, inside and out!

Summer is the season I find inspires me most. Even though I consider myself a big autumn and winter fan, when summer comes along, something inside me shifts. Of course it is the anticipation,  the waiting for beach vacation and long warm nights spent with your best friends, music and cocktails. However, there is also always that thought of how your body is going to look on the beach, how confident you are going to feel in those heels and how many heads you are going to turn. All of this being said, it seems to be important to be prepared for summer. This is why I have decided to change some of my habits in order to look and feel as good as possible. Now, I am not only talking about diet and excercise, losing weight and looking good on the outside. Of course everyone finds that very important, but my goal is achieving this by loving and respecting myself, taking care of my body and not letting any of those bad thoughts in.

I have found Pinterest to be a very big inspiration. There is the possibility to find anything you need. It has been my main resource for finding excercises for morning and evening and for finding motivation when I don't feel like doing anything. I have really been loving yoga, which turned out to be much harder than I thought. Running has also taken part in my routine. It might be good to mention that I have been doing this for a week and a half now. Here are some excercises I have been doing on a daily basis:

  I have read once that the best way of achieving your goals is by adding tasks a little bit at a time. I decided to follow this advice and started my first week as a ''workout week''. This week, which is my second week, I decided to add in a healthy diet. This means I am not going after any popular diets or eating methods or whatever, I am simply creating my own meal plans and being careful of not overeating or eating after 6 p.m. There are no specific foods I don't eat but I try to keep the fridge full of fruits and vegetables and nibbling on those if I feel like going after something sweet. Also, I find it to be important to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, especially because this time of the year gives so many options to choose from.
In the mornings I usually start with plain yogurt and a banana, sometimes I also add some cereal. Lunch usually makes the biggest meal of my day, in which I eat meat and some sort of vegetable and protein. In the evening I try to stay away from heavy foods, also because my stomach seems to really dislike those late in the day. So I eat some vegetable (yesterday it was corn) and maybe greek yogurt or dark bread with some spread. I found not eating after 6 p.m. to be extremely effective. The picture below is something I find to be filling enough to be a nice, healthy lunch: it is a salad with ettuce, chicken, rucola, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, some olive oil and balsamico vinegar.

I am gradually starting to drink more and more water, also because I plan goal for next week to be drinking at least 5 glasses of water every day. This task may look very easy, but I personally find it pretty hard to do.

That is going to be it for now, I am going to post another post on this topic regarding also the beauty of a healthy and stable mind.

Thank you for reading!

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