Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Minute Secret: How to stop your hair from getting greasier....

I am one of those people who have normal to oily hair. This means my hair is oily on the roots and dry on the ends. I have read in a lot of places that people who have hair like me and people who have oily hair have the problem of their hair constantly getting greasier. What to do?

1. DO NOT! and I repeat: Do not wash your hair every day!
It will strip your hair of natural oils, causing your scalp to produce even more oil than necessary. Try using          dry shampoo instead. If you don't own a dry shampoo: no problem! Just use some baby powder, come /fluff it out and you are ready to go! Don't own that either? Use some translucent face powder. :)

If you are one of those people (I know I am) who constantly has to run their hand through their hair, touch their hair etc. Stop! Find another way to keep busy. Constantly running your hand through your hair transfers all of the dirt and oil to your hair.

3. Don't wash your hair for a week!
Now I know this might, no, it does sound disgusting. But trust me, it works! If you have a week in which you don't have as much people to see, or a week in which you can just keep your hair up in a ponytail - do it! Your hair is going to be super greasy after that week,however, the results are going to be visible after the first wash! :)
I only do it every 4-5 months, even longer, so I wouldn't worry about having to do this to often. What happens to your hair is: it starts cleaning itself, that way you won't have to wash it as often.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed it!

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