Monday, August 6, 2012

Fashion trends: Fall/Winter 2012/13. :)

The summer is slowly going by, and all of the summer trends people were so excited to see and wear start to fade away, one thought is forming in my head. What comes next?
I was going through the magazine Elle the other day and noticed that a few minor spaces were filled with fall trends, so I decided to get informed about the topic further. The easiest way for this were, of course, fashion shows. So I started watching fashion shows and lookbooks, going through sites such as, vogue, and harpers bazaar. I came out with loads of interesting conclusions which I would love to share.

As it is with everything, some trends determined for the upcoming season have amazed me, others not so much, but I have also learned to love a few I did not initially like. Let me tell you a bit more about it.

The first and probably one of the biggest trends I have seen is the military style. Buttons, shoulder pads and that rough texture. Along with it I saw trends such as: purple, knitted jumpers and glitter, glitter, glitter. Glittery eyes, lips, dresses, even eyebrows (Chanel). Speaking of: big, accentuate eyebrows are supposed to be in as well, but I'll talk about beauty trends more in my next post. Other fashion trends? Line skirts, brocade, capes, gloves, monochrome prints, collars and peplums, big coats, natty prints, lace, fabric blocking, leather, pink, loose trousers, fit and flare skirts, bold digital skirts, fur enhanced shoulders, oriental prints, native prints, boho, leopard... Since it would take me lots and lots of pages to describe what I have seen, I will be talking about the once that I found most interesting.

What caught my eye first were those pilgrim shoes Marc Jacobs showed on his fashion show. I wasn't sure about them at first, but with a bit less *bling*, I think I would be able to pull it off even in an everyday outfit, and once fall starts, I believe lots of other brands will come up with cheaper versions of the same shoe.

The already mentioned texture blocking is another thing I found quite likable. After the color blocking trend, so hyped up in spring and summer, I was interested to see whether or not we'll get to see something similar in the upcoming season. And it came and blew everyone away. I love how they mix delicate and rough fabrics and make an entire new look out of it. I'm sure we will be seeing a lot of it in different stores already, from evening and special occasion wears, to street style and casual wears. Along with it, I am also going to mention the material I have seen almost everywhere: lace.
Another trend transitioning from summer to fall and winter is the so called dip-dye trend. The neon, vivid colors are being replaced by more subtle colors and colors more appropriate for the colder months of the year. And not only are the clothes dip-dyed! The hair is as well.
Pink. Purple. Mustard yellow. Yellow. Olive green. Red. Gold. Brown. Gray. Nude. Black. White. Green. All of these are the colors for the upcoming season. The already well known colors for the season are not a surprise, the pink, purple and yellow trend on the other hand are a relatively new thing for fall. 

Speaking of colors and textures, I also have to add the two B's that are waiting to be worn next season. Baroque and Broaches. Baroque is represented by the color combination of black and gold. While broaches  complemented the looks of many. Ralph Lauren was the one that presented the best combination of both in my opinion.                                                                       
I found the collection introduced by Mango to be one of the most wearable, but still trendy collections. I absolutely adore the dark green jacket on the left. It reminds me of the one Burberry showed in its collection. The sweater beneath is the perfect representation of the knitted sweater trend. On the right, the all red shows the one color scheme trend, with the high neck and the military style jacket. Love love love! I can't wait to hit the stores when the time comes for it. I also saw a beautiful coat in Zara the other day. It was a dark blue coat with an a-line cut and studded sleeves. Tried it on. Fell in love with it. Still, I have decided to wait a little and see if I really want it since it was quite pricey.

I also found a nice picture showing the so called ''Schiaparelli Pink lady'' trend that is huge as well. From what I have seen, H&M is launching a very wearable and interesting collection as well. I have been to the store closest to me and checked out what they were having at that moment. Even though the stores are far from stocked, I'm expecting a lot.
D&G's sunglasses are the last item I really loved and therefore don't want to forget mentioning. The flower detail gives a certain elegance and vintage feel to it all, without being over the top. In love with these as well!

If you are feeling down, dress up!

All in all, I am looking forward to the next season, as there is a lot to expect and a lot to explore. The next post I am planning to do is one about make up, nail and hair trends for fall, so stay tuned for that! :) Hope you enjoyed the fashion trends from my point of view. Enjoy! :)

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